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  1. sd dead by mavericks

    sd dead by mavericks hi, i tryed to install mavericks on my laptop i have an: ACER Extensa 5235 / 8GB ram / graphics: intel hd 3000 / CPU: T7300 Core 2 Duo / HD:500GB i restaured an micro sd of 128gb with transmac , with the dmg of niresh for intel & amd ... and other usb of 4gb with bdu for having clover... when i restarted the laptop , i booted on clover , all was normal, i booted with flags : -v npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No and it started to run , and suddently like at 30s after it just got into a black screen , and stayed like that for like a minute or so , and after it just reboot with the bios by default and the microsd when i got into my windows were gone, i tryed to recover it , but it is just like if there were nothing inserted when i put the microsd into the laptop , i tryed also to check it on my phone but as it's on hfs it will not be recognized ever... and i checked the adaptor with others microsd and were all right , so the reader and the adaptor are fine , it's the microsd not working .. could anyone help me know why it just happend, i dont wanna to loose all my drives ... and if possible any idea on how to recover it ?? thanks to anyone that could help me P.s. sorry for my english , i dont write usually on english and it's kinda hard to find the best words to express the problem thanks