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  1. boot with or without nv_disable = 1 gives the same result.
  2. I disabled the Audio devices from bios and nothing has changed . It should therefore be a vga problem. I unplugged the video card and re-installed the system but the result was the same . I then reconnected the video card and even reinstalled the operating system . I am still stuck in the same spot . only once after about 10 minutes of waiting from error "missing bluetooth transport" it appeared a gray screen with the pointer. I attach the screens of various errors . look at the attachment below . This is what happens , during installation Before reaching the apple logo screen . to create the usb I followed this guide . https://www.hackintosh.computer/197/hackintosh-elcapitan-macpwn-guide/
  3. I formatted and reinstalled but nothing has changed . there may be a problem related to fakesmc ?
  4. Boot after install stop at sound assertion in appleHdaDriver at line 1088 The problem : I installed os x el capitan from usb (clover: dsdt free, fake cpuid) with these arguments : -v -xcpm nv_disable = 1 . the installation is successful . I then booted from the hdd and the process is stuck on this error : sound assertion in appleHdaDriver at line 1088 . I found and followed different solutions without results . (All fix in clover options doesn't work ). the last line appeared after several minutes of waiting and only once then it is no longer coming off . Pc specs : Intel pentium g3258 Msi gtx 960 Mother board asus z97 pro gamer
  5. I suspected. There is a version of the os compatible with this graphics card? Thanks to the availability.
  6. I installed 10.9.0 maveriks (niresh distro) on my Sony VAIO. the main problem is that the video card is recognized but there is no graphics acceleration: no qe / ci and 1024 x 768 resolution. PC specifications: sony vaio model vgn fe-31h intel core 2 duo T5500 nvidia geforce go 7400 I would need to use logic x, and mainstage, but without appropriate resolution is impossible. Also have QE / CI would be the best but the thing that interests me most is the resolution. I hope someone can help me. Thank You.