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  1. MacPwn Yosemite

    Really miss the customize option, It would have been good if i was able to install chameleon instead of clover through MacPwn. And for me, computer restarts within 5 seconds after choosing the bootable USB. Can't move the cursor in the clover boot menu ( to choose boot options/flags) NOTE: UEFI is Disabled OS X Yosemite has been downloaded and is in the applications folder. ​Successfully running mavericks without any problems whatsoever. ​Any help is much appreciated. Thank You.
  2. White screen after boot

    No, I guess its because you're booting into safe mode ( -x ) , try without the -x flag, might work for you. (I've got the same problem too and unable to boot without the -x )
  3. Same here man, tried replacing the /amdfx kernel but no success. But I'm able to safe boot through the installation USB, but without safe boot (-x), Stuck at the grey screen with spinning cursor , tried out everything suggested by Niresh and others.