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  1. auto add boot up settings ???

    Here you go : It was second in google, maybe try that next time! Good luck.
  2. Usb wont boot

    @ Your software is amazing! I've managed to make it work by updating my bios drivers wich i totally forgot, for the people who use the same setup as me, here a quick guide on how to make it work : Update your asrock bios drivers, follow the guide on how-to on their website. Boot up the Niresh Mac os x software (I did it with a dvd, but i don't think it matters) Install using the macbreaker guide. As soon as it's done with installing it will boot for you, but this will not work because you will need to fill in some boot options wich are ; PCIRootUID=1 -f -v After this it should work for you. Thanks again @ !
  3. Usb wont boot

    Thanks niresh for your response, I will try that in a bit, also it's a .iso file, isn't this a problem since this is for cd's? I've also found your mountain lion .dmg file but this doesn't seem to work since i need to boot from mac to mac
  4. Usb wont boot

    Hi, im trying to install mavericks with the macbreaker guide, after doing everything im now stuck after the bios with a black screen and a hash on the top left corner.. anyone knows how to fix this? I5 2400 - 31Ghz Asrock h61m 4gb 1333mhz