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  1. Current software: CPU: i5 4460 VGA: ATi HD7950 3GB Motherboard: B85M-DS3H I can install 10.10 without any problems, boots fine, QE/CI enabled by default using clover and only needed kexts for network. Thing is that if I update to 10.10.3 I won't be able to boot anymore, at least a complete boot. Why? I don't know, i'm a bit confused of what could it be, it starts to boot but it shows "sandbox" errors for many process, also when it finishes it boots to a black/blank screen. There's a video attached. I don't know what could it be, not sure if it's vga or something related. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and sorry if there's a mistake with my english. PD: Tried updating from Appstore and Niresh's updater