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  1. Memory Allocation Error

    did you open qe ci sir, may be we have same gears, my 7850 can be recongized 7xxx,safari laughpad, laggy,excited for your replay
  2. just a little trouble

    i try lots means, all failed ,qe ci wont work, i am excited your method and slution, thank good ideas
  3. just a little trouble

    i install niresh mavericks and finished my sapphire 7850 recognized 7xxx i saw people work perfect mine 7850 laggy,bugy where did it wrong ? osx 10.9.0 i hope it work smooth
  4. Sapphire AMD 7850 2 GB driver install error.

    sir you give me mind thankyou i will follow you i have sapphire 7850 1g please give me a code into my chameleon boot list your code insted GraphicsEnabler=Yes, right ? we use GE=NO because chameleon dont support 7850