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  1. battery/power issue?

    My problem was Bluetooth. Yes, I'm a total mac newbie!
  2. Hi, I'm booting off usb using: hp USBBusFix=Yes -x -v and I get a battery/power screen with/without battery or charger plugged in. Has anyone else seen this? I'm using an HP 8440p laptop.... Thanks!
  3. I'm probably going to be told i'm being stupid, but....I updated to 10.10.1 after installing Yosemite Zone and the machine is now in a boot loop. Do I have to start again? Has the update removed the boot flags? I used /amdfx npci=0x3000 to install Specs: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 (1.0) - AMD 970 chipset AMD Bulldozer FX-8120 16Gb RAM AMD Radeon 7850 1Gb OCZ Agility 60Gb SSD Realtek 8111 NIC (v1.2.3 kext) Realtek Azalia Audio (ALC888B) Thanks a lot!