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    hi i tried the fix but is not working for me , alway when i want to sign in on iCloud i have the same error mask at log in " Could not sign in to iCloud tray again later " . i tried all fix i found on net but nothing , i re-installed OS X 10,10,1 using /amd1 but is not working. please help. thanks
  2. Hello so i followed the int of Zavier and it worked .. i installed again nvidia kext only and now is working ..i already did 2 restart and looks is running now. Now i need to fix the problem whit ICloud login and i Closed all problem thanks for Help.
  3. i set up chameleon to boot with graphicenabler=no but no way . the only way is to start up with -s and make back up of all kext graphic drive ..ok in this way software start but it's so slow open or close a folder and refresh also... about boot with /amd i used during installation if i try to boot post installation with /amd tell me incorrect command .. it's frustrating
  4. Hello to all it's a week i ma figthing with My hackintosh Yosemite ..speciale with compatibility of My graphic card zotac gt630 , When os is booting goes to sleep mode , even if i boot with -x . My configuration is a desktop pc with : Cpu amd fx 8 core Mobo : ga-970a-ud3 Graphic : nvidia zotac gt630 Ram 8 gb Sometimes boot well but the monitor is over size and i need to modify some parameter but ok , other time there's no way to boot and i need to restart pc 3 or 4 time.... I tried al guide on internet but no way ... Please help.