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  1. Trying a full performance

    First of all, sorry if anything has written wrong, English is not my main language. Second: I have done a hackintosh working everything (or almost). I have had just some problems, like safari has the letters pixelated (or something), but I have installed Google Chrome, and that is not a problem anymore. But the deal is: benchmark. I have tried cinnebench on my Windows and on my Hackintosh (OS 10.9.5). On Windows the fps was 81, on Mac 43. I have tried to install the nvidia alternative drive, but when I tried to put the flags (nvda_drv=1 or 0 ; GraphicsEnabler=1 or 0) that doesn't works, just "no signal" appears on the screen. This is my specification: Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AMD FX8320 Nvidia GTX 770 8GB ram @1333hz flags: npci=0x2000 and flags to correct USB. The hackintosh work like a charm, sleep works (without dsdt, but usb won't work either, if anyone knows about that to, I will be appreciated). That's all. Thanks for reading this.