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  1. Mac OS X Yosemite Hackintosh Installation Error

    btw, my specs are: CPU: Intel Core I7 3630QM VGA: Nvidia Geforce Gt 645M/2GB DDR3 RAM: DDR3 8GB (4GB*2) HDD:1TB
  2. Mac OS X Yosemite Hackintosh Installation Error

    Do i need to format and do the whole transmac process again?
  3. "application quits unexpectedly" Problem Help

    Can one of you check my forum topic "Mac OSX Yosemite Hackinstosh Installation error and answer that if you can? Btw, I'm pretty sure your problem can be solved by installing the Mac version of the program Your welcome
  4. Hello, I was trying to install hackintosh Yosemite on my intel based MSI computer. After following the guide, I ran into an error while installing.I tried to restart it, but it keeps giving me the same error. I will attach the error log in a zip folder. Can some please answer ASAP? Thanks Installer Log 8-Dec-2014.zip