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  1. I installed Yosemite on my PC. MB: Intel DH67BL Processor: i3-2100 Graphics: On board The installation was success but got stuck on gray screen at first. Then followed the guide to solve and I managed to boot into the desktop. But the video resolution is not 1920x1080. I tried changing it but the only option available under Scaled is 1024x768. During the gray screen I saw my mouse cursor in correct resolution. After that fix only it got changed. Now everything looks bigger. Also I hear some static noce, like tuning a radio from my speakers all the time. Audio works. Tried playing some notification sounds. I can hear them. But on top of it I hear that noise. This is the first time I installed a hackintosh. In fact, this is the first time I logged into a Mac OS. So I'm really new to all these. Thanks.