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  1. Wow! Really bro? I have a Dell Inspiron 3451 Intel pentium n3540 (4 cores, 2.16Ghz) 4GB of DDR3L 1333Mhz RAM (only stick, only slot) I'm currently using windows 10 But like a month ago a tried a lot to hackintosh this laptop with no succes Tried using Niresh Mavericks distro didn't even boot, tried both legacy and uefi bios modes, disable secure mode, etc, nothing changed It wasn't even getting to chameleon bootloader, i was able to see 2 lines of code for like 1/2 of a second then it suddenly restarted Then i tried Iatkos mountain lion for uefi bios, kind of same but it didn't even detected media on my pendrive Then i tried El Capitan with clover bootloader Clover booted, but when i selected my pendrive to start installation Apple logo got stuck I tried some flags... nothing Then, on facebook everybode told me there was no support for intel hd graphics for pentium/ celeron/ atom baytrail processors They told me to give up, but now i see what you commented on here and i'm so excited to try it again I hope you could help me,, i really want to hackintosh this laptop, i know i'm just a noob at things like this but i went so happy with this
  2. Cannot install Niresh Mavericks on my Dell Inspiron 3451 Hello everyone i Yesterday i decided i wanted to hackintosh my laptop, i'm still new to this. My laptop specs: Dell Inspiron 3451 Intel Pentium n3540 2.16 up to 2.66 quad core(ultra low voltge) Bay trail.. 4gb ddr3 Ram Intel HD (i think it stands for ivy bridge graphics) I downloaded niresh mavericks DMG, i used transmac to restore my usb (win32diskimager too) Problem is when i want to boot my computer from my usb stick, my motherboard laptop doesn't have many things to change, but i made sure it's on ahci mode, secure boot is disabled, tried uefi and legacy but nothing worked What happens is my laptop starts, i press f12 to choose usb stick (sometimes i just configure bios to start from usb stick), and it seems to appear something in screen, like two lines with two words, but it lasts for like 1/3 of a second and it suddenly reboots. I tried every configuration on Bios and nothing. I downloaded a patch kernel i found that is supposed to work on baytrail, i copied to my usb's image (with mavericks) with transmac and didn't work I know i have not much knowledge about this but i don't want to belive a wont be able to hackintosh my laptop. Is there something i'm doing wrong? I Heard from a guy i needed clover bootloader Maybe another os x distro, i don't care (I would prefer Mavericks but whatever) Hope someone knows if there's a solution Thanks in advance