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  1. [HELP] Can someone teach me to uninstall Niresh yosemite?

    @chanakya yeah I solve it , but I don't really remember anymore , roughly what I did is i still have the niresh-yosemite-installer to boot into window, and then in window I found some software that can repair your bootloader, if not mistaken is EasyBCD or i think they now call it Easy recovery essential, you can googled it , I press repair and the next time I startup my computer it automatically enter into windows hope this help you !
  2. I have formatted my drive(my partition which contains hackintosh) . But now the problem is , I can't straight boot into windows 7. I need to have the pendrive that contain Niresh-Yosemite-installer ( which make things complicated) . Without the pendrive, it shows boot0ss:error . So anyone could tell me what is the problem and how could I do with it ? How to remove that "thing" that required me to have the Niresh-installer. With my research it shows that my computer is trying to find HFS files type, but now I wanted to boot with windows 7 . Anyone please help ? I will thank you deep from my heart !!! I love this community , you all are great, I successfully install the yosemite , but now I am changing my laptop, and I going to give this laptop to my Dad which he probably doesn't know much about computer and he probably just need a windows....... anyway, thanks again !