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  1. Keyboard not working in installer

    Anything then?
  2. Hai I had issues with the Yosemite installer (Couldent get my keyboard to work, long story...) because of this, I opted to install Mavericks. I installed it to it's own HDD using Chameleon Standard. I dual boot windows 7 on another drive and I also have a Macbook Air so the Hackintosh isnt my only usable install. I obviously want to update from 10.9.0, i would like to get to Yosemite if possible or if not, I will settle for 10.9.5 - What is the best way to get Yosemite WITHOUT doing a clean install (Because I can't... My keyboard wont work...)
  3. Keyboard not working in installer

    Yea but im not even at a stage where I can get to the installer... I can't even enter boot flags to get into the installer, it dies at the screen where I enter the boot flags
  4. Keyboard not working in installer

    Thats what I tried to do but thats also where the keyboard dies... Have a look at the video I posted
  5. Keyboard not working in installer

    Would removing my overclock help?
  6. Keyboard not working in installer

    My motherboard is an MSI 990-FXA-GD80 and my CPU is a AMD FX-6100 I didn't know chameleon was on the usb? If I let it do the 5 second countdown and boot, it just resets and if I go into the second option like I did in the video, My keyboard doesn't work :/ @Arny Cutez
  7. Keyboard not working in installer

    Ok, here is a link to a video I just made that shows my problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHYTYTk-bpw
  8. Keyboard not working in installer

    Update: I have also tryed the installer in a usb 2 slot, no luck I am uploading a video of my problem as we speak, will post a link when it's up
  9. Haio I restored the .DMG using the provided utility on my macbook air and setup the bios on my pc Here is what I did (On the pc) 1. Boot into the USB 2. Select the clover boot menu (Second icon when you first boot into the usb) 3. It loaded the thing where I type in my boot flags but my keyboard stopped working I have tried 2 different keybaords in both USB2 and USB3 slots, If USB legacy is NOT enabled in the bios, I can not see my usb in the boot menu...