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  1. how to install the ISO image to a DVD?

    use isoBurn/Nero or what ever oO by Nero u must use "Burn ISO to Disc" i think so ^^
  2. can i use OS X Yosemite 10.10?

    i have ahci activated...=( where should I enter this?
  3. Hi Guys, sry for my bad english ^^ i'm German xD My question is, support my system OS X Yosemite 10.10? My System Asus R512M-SX242H (Notebook) processor: Intel® Pentium® Processor N3520 Processor Cores: 4 Processor Clock Speed: 2.42 GHz memory: 4 GB DDR3 RAM Memory Speed: 1600 MHz Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics Graphics Card Manufacturer: Intel Whenever I boot from USB.Stick , i come to the apple (apple boot logo), but from there then is nothing more.