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  1. Used USB Installer, installed successfully. However, post-installation, boot hangs at "PCI configuration end, bridges..." When using debug, the last line is 'APCI: no ECDT" I'm guessing its similar to PCI Begins error, maybe whatever loads after the PCI is having trouble, but I'm not sure what that is sadly. I have tried npci, PCIRootUID, UseKernelCache, acpi, ahci, -x, -s. May be forgetting a couple. None I have used have worked. For booting from USB, I use '-v cpus=1 USBBusFix=Yes' and that works. I had iatkos 10.7.5 installed and mostly working on this laptop last year, but the HDD burned out. Niresh's distro seems a little more user friendly and I'm dying to fully test it out. Any help would be appreciated. HP g6 series Laptop Intel i3 2330m Intel 3000HD/AMD6470m 6GB RAM Insyde Bios ____________________________ Please reserve posts that add info or possible solutions; i.e. No posts which just say "Me too"