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  1. Dell Optiplex 380 install fine, no NIC

    Unplugged the OS X HD and plugged the Windows 7 back in, to find out that my network card isn't what it says in the PDF file . . . It is a Broadcom NetLink Gigabit adapter, so I cleaned up a little bit and reinstalled the kext for this adapter. I feel like I'm one step closer, because when I use the Network Diagnostics, it actually tries to do its thing for a few seconds before (not responding) instead of just flat out failing. When I get to the dialog that has the types to choose, its stuck on dial-up, and won't let me click anything else before it goes in to (not responding). If anyone has even the slightest idea, I would be eternally grateful.
  2. OS X Maverick 10.9.0 (Niresh) installs great, but everything I've tried ends in the NIC still not working. I've tried the kext for BRCM 57780 and BCM 57781, and neither work. My Optiplex did not come with the optional Broadcom NetXtreme PCIe card, nor the PCIe WLAN card. I've been at this for three days now with no luck. I have the desktop version, with 8 gigs of non-ECC RAM optiplex-380-customer-brochure.PDF
  3. Can't find ACHI Setting for my BIOS,what to do now?

    I installed Mavericks on my Dell Optiplex 380, there is no setting in bios for ACHI. It installed near flawless, just fighting with the NIC driver now.