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  1. Mavericks installed fine, reboot at the Niresh Mavericks boot screen I put -v and enter. Goes thru a bunch of screens, then stops at what looks like bluetooth (see attached pictures). If I boot using -x -v, screen stops at createdVirtif(): Have attached screen captures and computer info
  2. Had no success with mavericks install, trying Yosemite install, again no success.. Not having much luck with any of these tutorials, seems like all the issues are with AMD CPU's and not a lot of help with "Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P9600, Penryn 45nm Technology CPUs. Following all the turtorias and boot logs or tags or whatever they are called, none of the examples are any good for my system. I have scanned all the solutions on this forum, and most of the questions have gone un-answered, this site is pretty useless, going to try somewhere else..
  3. Here is my Dell Specs, see attached. I could not find answers on this site, just a lot of questions it seems. I installed Mavericks through VitualBox Mode ok, just really sluggish. I decided to try the install direct to my blank hard drive. I formatted a USB stick and did all the stuff per your video to install mavericks. It installed fine, but upon reboot after the OS has installed it does some stuff for a while, then screen goes blank and that's it. I have attached some specs if that helps, would like to get this to run, cause I'm thinking of buying a Mac, but ant to make sure transitioning from windows to mac is the right choice. I'm thinking it must be a setting in the custom configuration setup, where you select options to install, and one seems to be hanging up my system. Really weird that I got it to work in VM VitualBox mode. rI am new to this stuff and not a programmer of an expert, just trying to learn and get good direction to make this work. Thanks dellSpec.txt