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  1. First off I'm new to this site. Just saying hi to everyone. My specs Motherboard: p8z77-v lx uefi bios Processor: intel i5 3570k 3.40 ghz ram: 8 gigs corsair ram GPU: NVIDIA GTX 560 OS: mavericks and windows 7 (on separate hard drives) Now my problem After installing clover boot loader while in mavericks, and having to reinstall windows on a separate HD I can boot into windows fine through my uefi bios, but this is what the image looks like. The image with my green mouse over it is the windows install However, when I try to boot mavericks, I get a windows boot error, which looks like this and for some reason, my mavericks HD is also called windows boot manager,however, I can enter mavericks through my cloverUSB Here is my Mavericks HD(titled as windows boot manager) with the green mouse over it. Now for clover(USB) I can start windows by choosing boot windows from legacy HD1 (not sure why its called legacy when I don't have a legacy bios) as you can see here But I also noticed there is this option, which doesn't work, as you see here Questions Why is my mavericks HD showing up as windows boot manager? Should windows be loading from (boot microsoft efi boot menu from efi) or is (boot from legacy hd1) ok? Also would you recommend reinstalling clover while I'm in mavericks? or will it mess up my windows boot like it did when I first installed it? Thanks for your time. Id also like to add that when I had chimera running, I installed nvidia drivers and my gpu was working fine. Now that I've installed clover, the gpu ramps up for no reason, gets hot, the fan spins and it doesn't come back down which causes random freezes and me having to restart. no matter what I'm doing.