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  1. Stuck on black screen after boot

    I finally managed to install it, but I still can't set my resolution to 1920x1080 (I've already tried the most common solutions).
  2. Stuck on black screen after boot

    Clover didn't work. I reinstalled it and managed to boot successfully, but the same problem came back when I installed Multibeast. I might try to reinstall it again later.
  3. Hi! It's my first experience with a Hackintosh. I installed Yosemite on a 60GB partition and it went smoothly. However, when I try to boot, it gets stuck in a black screen. I tried removing my Geforce 9500 GT and using onboard video, but then it gets stuck on "missing bluetooth controller transport". I've already tried most common solutions for the problem (PCIRootUID=0, "grafix backup all" on Single User Mode, GraphicsEnabler=No) and none of them worked. My CPU is an Intel i5-2310. Also, how do I get a PS2 keyboard to work with Yosemite? I've had to use a spare USB keyboard. Thanks!