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  1. Your the best @! Thanks to you, now I'm using Yosemite
  2. I tried, but it still doesn't find this kernel. I don't have any OS on that comp. I completely format the HDD to try Yosemite on it.
  3. See, I have a screen like this: (The image is not mine - I just found it on the internet, but this is exactly what I'm dealing with) Now, when I type /haswell, this is the reaction: "Can't find /haswell Press a key to continue"
  4. @ Your the best! Actually I tried flags /haswell -x and my problem finally solved! after entering the flag you mentioned, I finally relieved from the "progress bar stucking" issue; but I still stuck on the language choosing section. Anyway, there is another problem, which I'm still don't know what to do! I've installed Hackintosh Zone perfectly; when I'm trying to boot it, there is another gray screen appears and this time, I have Hackintosh Zone logo in red and progress bar below it, which is stucking again! Boot screen is somehow graphical and selective, so I can't really type anything in it. I can only choose how the OS boots; and trust me! I've chosen every single option, and every single of them has some issues! the only one that redirects me to that screen I mentioned is the simple boot! Other boot options that I can choose are "Boot Verbose", "Boot Ignore Caches", "Boot Single User". I appreciate if anyone can help me with this kind of situation :x
  5. Hi, I'm trying to install latest released Yosemite hackintosh by on my Lenovo Y5070-C. This is my system details: - Intel Core i7 4710HQ 2.50GHz - 16GB Ram DDR3 - 1TB HDD - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4GB So, I think my laptop supports it perfectly! When I'm trying to boot the installation process of Yosemite hackintosh with /haswell command, a new gray screen with an Apple logo appears; This is not the problem! the problem is when the progress bar (below the Apple logo) stuck on the middle of loading the installation process! Anyway, I tried to boot the installation with commands like -x and -v and other stuff. After entering these commands, my laptop just reboots instantly! The only command that doesn't cause any reboot, is /haswell which has the problem I mentioned. BTW, I just followed this instruction: And I exactly followed the rules. Before I begin this installation, I completely erased my HDD and I didn't even make any partition for it. So... What should I do exactly? I need to install hackintosh badly!