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  1. Any source code?

    Maybe i'm just used to linux, but when i see a project based on donations i'd expect i'd be able to see some source code of some kind... I want to give yosemite zone a partition on my hard drive, but before i want to know what i am installing. I am not talking about the sources of Mac OS X, wich of course are closed, nor i am talking about multi beast source code, which they already stated it was closed source, but you know, i am talking about the source code of the custom kernels you provide, the code of the kexts, or where they were taken from (eg. open source or from intel's website or some mysterious place only the makers of this forum get to know about), the code of the patches, ecc. I really want to install this distro, but first i want to know what i am doing. Can someone help me?