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  1. Well sorry i couldnt be more of a hand. I scoured though some resources and i hope you find something that will work for you.
  2. https://www.hackintosh.zone/page/hackintosh/articles/yosemite-hackintosh-installation-instructions-guide-and-videos-for-amd-amdfx-intel-haswell-hp-laptops-common-pc/
  3. But did you try multibeast for yosemite?
  4. http://osx86.transformnews.com/how-to-enable-intel-hd3000-on-hackintosh-computers/
  5. I had the same problem but used multibeast for yosemite and selected intel graphics driver in multbeast. reboot and it worked
  6. Did you boot with the haswell flags at boot time?
  7. Need to get a copy of multibeast for yosemite. Then when the install is done boot off the usb key to boot your system up. Then once your up and use multibeast
  8. Have you tried multibeast the yosemite edition and select the intel graphic drivers and clover?
  9. That standard on the first screen you showed. How long did you wait for it to boot?