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  1. USB not booting

    My Bios for some reason works only on legacy and it boots windows 8.1 in legacy but doesnt boot the USB if i try to change to UEFI i cant boot to anything and it shows only the screen where i choose where do i wanna boot but every time i select the USB it just goes to that screen again!!
  2. USB not booting

    Hello I have a Lenovo g580 laptop with intel i5 3rd gen processor 8 Gb ram and a 500GB HDD, when i try to boot into the USB drive that contains the installation it doesnt open at all. i tried the same USB drive on another PC and it booted up normaly i follwoed the guide here and made sure that the bios settings are setup this way and everything was the same as the guide and i still cant boot. Can some 1 help me please!!