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  1. Audio Distortion Related to CPU?

    So I am guessing no one has a comment on this then...
  2. Alright I have the following specs: Motherboard: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4716#sp CPU: A6 6400k Graphics: ATI Radeon 6770 So my issue has been distorted sound, like it plays but its distorted enough to not want to let you listen too it. While this processor has 2 CPUs I been trying everything to fix the Audio even adapters that always work on mac and no luck. Well today I just felt like "maybe its my processor..." and so I booted with "CPUS=1" and OMG sound worked perfect except for a few application notifications causing sound to pause but omg it worked... So I am wondering, is it that my A6 is just like the bar min of the A series to get sound working? If so I can spend a bit of money and upgrade to a higher A series like an A8 or a lower end A10... Oh and just to point out, EVERYTHING works FLAWLESSLY but my Audio distortion... I am not running in CPUS 1 because I am not sure if it hurts my process or not. But please advise! Thanks in advance, you all rock!!!
  3. Audio Issue with USB Audio

    Ok, so upon some deeper research I found out that the headset is using CM108 drivers, which is supposed to automatically be working on mac's which it is just the crackle is very annoying. It gets worse or better randomly, based on what programs I am running. I really hope someone can give me some answers or advice.
  4. I have a SADES SA-903 USB Audio pack and well that didn't seem to do much to help me out, still the same issue. if anyone could supply some ideas I would be happy to listen to them. Processor: AMD-A6 Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 6770