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  1. Yosemite 10.10.1 hangs on grey screen with spinning wheel

    Hello rainmaker, I saw this when looking up the same two warnings you posted in boldface, and I have completed most of my Hackintosh installation journey, and I believe I can help, so I decided to make an account just for you (Congrats, hopefully 5 days is too late and you've found a solution, but here goes) ☺ This is caused by a graphics error. Have you explored the (1) different graphics boot flags and/OR (2) editing your DSDT and/or (3) patched any Kexts for your graphics card? The reason safe mode would work is due to it working around the normal graphic environment. If you have solved this already, which I hope, please post what you believe fixed it, for others to find helpful. With Unbounding Love, Grace, and Peace, -Sam L'anteigne