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  1. pls see
  2. Hello everyone! Just got back from the bar so this will be short (just so atleast hp6930p users can find this Yosmite 10.10 : Used two diffrent usb sticks to restore yosemite dmg from my niresh 10.8 host, no succes. boot0 or no systemdisk error after succesfull (but short +/- 20min) installation. didnt even try easybeast or something to get it to boot since i wanted to get started with osx (not even ML wasnt running propperly at that time) ML : Running verry smooth, tested lots of Audio software with heavy duty tasks and it outperformed my previous win7 configuriations by far! also tested lots of vst modules running combined with native instruments. supersmooth (onle testing a week now) sorry for mistakes in language but i had a few bears tonight im planning on a full-scale report with all details somewhere in the near future but till then people can post here for settings/kexts when in need. For Niresh & co, thx for making this possible! i would like to donate some but you guys need to tell me how i can from the netherlands.... greetz and have a good weekend!