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  1. Tried using VMware Unlocker and that works fine. I've just tried to install again into VMware, this time moving the mouse during the installation process and it still seems to never finish the Post-Script step in installer. I am able to quit and get it working with the method in my previous post but maybe there are some other scripts we need to manually execute after Post-Script to make sure we recover correctly? Also I've noticed that the VMware VM needs more than 4GB RAM during installation. 8GB RAM seems more appropriate as installer ends up using close to 7GB anyway. Seems that every file loaded from Yosemite-Zone.iso during installation is loaded in RAM and not freed until reboot
  2. Yes it seems to freeze on shutdown but that is OK for now. If your graphics are running slow you can try running BeamOff but that is only for VMware based products http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302424-yosemite-on-vmware-unusable/
  3. Guys I worked this out. It was tricky and lot of the posts above didn't go into enough detail. I hope this helps someone as it was driving me nuts! When you first boot into Hackintosh Zone OSX Installer go to Terminal and cp boot*, amd* and Base* and any other kernels to /Volumes/"name of your startup disk" from /Volumes/Image Volume Then most importantly make this volume bootable by using bless --mount /Volumes/"name of your startup disk" --setBoot Now continue the installation process with OSX Installer as normal until you get stuck on Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.xZpcnD/ Now reset the VM and then boot into single user mode from Chameleon boot screen. For example I booted with: /amd1 -x -s -v Then when booted I followed the MOTD and executed below commands to make the volume writeable: fsck –fy mount –uw / Then go to folder where the script got stuck cd /.OSinstallsandBoxpath/Scripts/Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.xZpcnD/ And execute ./postinstall When done shutdown -r now In Chameleon bootloader just boot up normally now. For example: /amd1 And continue the installation process.