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  1. DSDT Compiling error (MaciASL)

  2. DSDT Compiling error (MaciASL)

    I am trying to install the proper kexts for my Realtek Audio chipset however, after inserting the code in the DSDT, I get this error. I honestly don't even know how it possible to have an error because of... whatever the F*** that is! Error: Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks, DerpleNerple2000
  3. Kernel Panic:

    By restart, do you mean to reinstall Yosemite using Chameleon or does Clover come with Chameleon that I can use? I would much rather use Clover as it has all the UEFI features that I can use. I used the Clover guide over at Tonymacx86. The odd thing is when I put in the proper kexts and config.plist, it booted fine from the USB. However, before that, I attempted to boot (from the USB) without the custom config.plist and it gave the exact same issue.
  4. So as the title says, I get a kernel panic which traced back to that. This started happening after I just wiped the Yosemite drive and reinstalled Yosemite but instead of using chimera, I used Clover. Here are three photos I took before It shut off almost instantly. 1: 2. 3. Any clue as to why this is happening? I have the proper FakeSMC.kext and the proper Ethernet kext. I do however have wireless/bluetooth MPCIe Combo ii from Asus. My Specs: - Asus Maximus VI Formula (Motherboard) - EVGA GTX 680 2GB SC (GPU) - Intel i7 4770k @ Stock (CPU) - G.Skill TridentX 16GB 2400Hz (RAM) - 1050W Power Supply (PSU) - 3 HDDs & 1 Disk Drive (Other Stuff) As noted before: The motherboard came with something called a 'MPCIe Combo ii' which is a MPCI card that has the '2-in-1 Bluetooth+Wireless' in one card, hence the 'Combo' in its name. According to windows, its modelID is 'BCM43B1'. While WiFi is not needed at the moment, it will eventually as I won't be able to tether my laptop's wireless connection over an Ethernet cable forever... Any help with be greatly appreciated, DerpleNerple2000