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  1. So my system is as following: AMD FX 6300 NVidia GTX 970 MSI 4GB MSI 970 Gaming AMD Motherboard 8gb DDR 3 Ram. And 128 GB SSD for the system which is installed and is working now, as I have logged inn. But It's lagging like hell, And my mouse is going slow, everything is very very slow. So i figure i need some drivers for the 970 to wokr. So i installed some i found around. Reboot and change to using the Nvidia drivers over the OS X Default. Then i restart and only get a black screen, So i move these to back up via (-S) So i can boot again. And now I'm back with a laggy system Anyone could help me out with getting this to work ? I also need the ethernet to work have a gigabyte gn-wb32l-rh Dongle. Would be happy for any help !