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  1. I have tried running the vanilla app store installer and so far, it boots fine - is there something in the Zone installer that I can disable with boot flags that I'm missing that would allow it to boot. I feel that since the vanilla disc boots and the Zone disc is based on it, there should be something.
  2. I have since tried to set the VM type to "Other 64 bit" as this previously worked, but now I get the same "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!" error, the only difference being that just before it, I get: com.apple.xpc.launchd process exited with abnormal exit code 71. What is stranger still is that after the "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" error, the installer starts normally - how is that happening? Are there any disadvantages in installing as "Other 64 bit" instead of "OS X 10.10"? Edit: After completing the installation, I restarted and was greeted with a Clover boot menu even though I had only selected Chameleon. When I tried to select any of the options, everything just freezes.
  3. I have been playing about with installing Yosemite using the Zone (10.10.1) installation ISO on various VMs over the past few days (VirtualBox and VMWare player 6 successfully). Today I installed VMWare player 7 and ran Unlocker 2.0.3. Created a VM, selecting 10.10 as the OS. When I tried to boot the installation disc, I got about 50% of the way through the progress bar when it froze. I restarted the installer in verbose mode and it freezes on "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!". now I know that this is likely a graphics issue, and that if it was happening on booting the OS when installed it can be resolved by booting in single user mode and removing some files. How can I fix it when running the installer? I haven't posted my system specs as I am running in a VM, but if they are still relevant, let me know and I'll update the post. Edit: I have tried booting the installer in safe mode, but I get a kernel panic early on ("Process 1 exec of /sbin/launchd failed, errno 2" I have also tried (from reading various topics): SkipIntelGfx=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No Edit 2: Attached is what I see when it freezes in verbose mode.