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  1. Stuck when I'm booting to the USB drive

    I downloaded it 6 times and it didn't work. I tried to install Mavericks Zone 10.9 with -v and I'm stuck at "Bluetooth [i don't remember exactly what was written]".
  2. Stuck when I'm booting to the USB drive

    (((( really ? I'm disappointed...
  3. Stuck when I'm booting to the USB drive

    Really nobody can help me ?
  4. (sorry for my bad english, I'm french) Hello everybody, I want to install Yosemite on my computer but it started wrong... I downloaded Yosemite-Zone.dmg and putted it to my USB drive with TransMac. I restarted my computer and I booted on the USB drive. I have the Red Apple on a grey screen with two words : Hackintosh Zone. I waited, waited, I let my computer running for the night and when I woke up this morning I saw again the loading screen with the loading bar stuck in the middle of the bar. I didn't see anything like "Welcome to the Installation of Yosemite"... I'm disappointed. So what can I do to avoid to be stuck ? I booted with the flag /haswell only, I'll try npci=0x2000 I have an ASUS H87M-PLUS motherboard with an Intel Pentium G3420 processor. Thanks in advance, McNikk0s. EDIT : I tried npci=0x2000 and I've got the same problem.