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  1. Black Screen After Installation

    Someone said that i'll be never able to get a working AMD 6470 on an AMD processor. Is it true?
  2. Amd Install Failed

    Same here
  3. I've installed Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (even if the installation stopped at 1 min left) with Niresh. When I boot with amd (i've added also others flag) I get black screen with a strange sound, and I must turn it off. Ps. 1 year ago I've installed Mountain Lion successfully, but I don't remember how :S I've an AMD E-350 processor AMD HD Radeon 6470m I've disabled all graphics kext in the preference of installation. It's the same problem when i boot with -v, -x, -f, GraphicsEnabler=No.... Anyone could help?
  4. Niresh12495-Lion-10.7.3-V2Niresh12495-Lion-10.7.3-V2

    When you boot with -v, what happens?
  5. nvidia 9300 512

    Do you have Qe/Ci (graphics acceleration) and full resolution?Because my hackintosh detect a 2Gb graphic card but I have a 512 nvidia. But this doesn't matter because I've qe/ci and full resolution.
  6. Niresh12495-Lion-10.7.3-V2Niresh12495-Lion-10.7.3-V2

    Did you installed it? Or neither the installation boot? Have you booted the installation, as the instructions says, with "Kernel Cache=amd"?Ps. If you cannot boot also after tried with "Kernel Cache=amd", use -v as flag and post where it get stucks
  7. Boot into Mountain Lion and go on System Preferences; there you will find "Startup Disk", open and check if there is your hdd.Ps. Have you removed the CD, booted into bios, and selected the Hdd as first boot mode? Because sometimes if you remove the CD, the bios settings change "randomly" (it's not very correct, but it's understandable!). Check this first!