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  1. installing maverick on dell pc iso dvd img dl

    I need a guide to install mavericks iso burned on a dvd dl running on a pc computer i can only find guides if you have a mac ?
  2. So ive downloaded Niresh mac os x mavericks 10.9.0 dvd iso I burned the iso to a dvd-dl dual layer and no problems i press f12 to boot the dvd drive and i get into the install menu I have windows 7 installed on my c drive I want mavericks installed on my d drive so i partiton D drive and install the mavericks on that when its all done installing it boots into windows 7 and if i restart my computer i can boot my dvd drive and see my D drive and i click on that via -v and get problem it loads at the apple logo and than after black screen and dvd disc gets pushed out When i installed mavericks on my d drive i had the custom button option to install a bootload but it dosnt install the bootloaders from the dvd i burned i made sure i clicked the disabler and clicked on all the drivers needed for my pc I cant seem to load maverisk without it a black screen and dvd gets pushed straight out Dell pc intel R core tm2 quad cpu q6600 @ 2,40ghz 2.39ghz installed memory 4,00gb 64bit windows 7 geforce8800GT And if i need to download a bootloader do i need to use a mac to make that happen i would like a guide by guide with out using a mac only pc =)