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  1. So apparently my graphics card (sapphire r9-280x) is connected to the PCIE x16 slot, but i can't find any PCIe x16 slot in the IORegisteryExplorer app at all!! what i need to do to fix this?
  2. Hey folks, So everything works fine except the sound and the graphics. for some reason it shows that im use only 4 mb display although my monitor is connected to the graphics card. -------------------- / Hardware specs/ -------------------- Motherboard: GiGABYTE H87-HD3 CPU: intel i5-4590 3.5ghz Ram: 12gb Audio:Realtek ALC892(according to the motherboard book) WIFI: TP-LINK TL-WN881ND wifi adapter Hard disk:samsung HD103SI SATA 1TB Graphics: sapphire r9-280x vaporx 3gb gddr5 Misc: microsoft keyboard and mouse ------------------- /Software specs/ ------------------- OS X: mavericks 10.9 install method: N iresh usb boot loader:chimera install method: legacy DSDT: standard unmodified SDST: i don't know Boot Flags: CPIUserRoot=1 and 1080P boot.plist: i don't know where to find it, where can I find it? please help me