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    Hi just a quick thank you to all who where involved with the making of yosemite zone distro I'm a newbie and was able to install on my pc i have posted a short guide so again thank to you all and all the people on here for there advice and help best wishes.
  2. System and devices ESC H61H2-MV 1155 MOBO INTEL CORE I3-2120 3.29 Ghz ZODIAC GEFORCE GT 620 Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz 1X 4GB CRUCIAL BALLISTIX DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 CL9 RAM 500GB SEAGATE BARACUDA 7200RPM ST500DM002-1BD142 QUALCOMM ATHEROS AR8151 ETHERNET VIA Audio Hi all new round here love this site got a lot of helpful info and download links about making my hackintosh everything worked out of the box here is what i did and worked for me i have not included links as all of the software i used it was downloaded using the links on this site what you will need. Yosemite zone distro. transmac for windows i used the 15 day trial windows 7 pc 8gb usb drive install transmit then right click on the desktop icon and select run as administrator insert usb drive in transmac in the left column you should see usb drive if not right click mouse in the left hand column then select refresh drive list once you see usb drive again highlight it and right click on it then select format drive for mac when done right click again and select format drive with disk image select yosemite zone dmg you downloaded earlier ok that done insert usb drive into your soon to be hackintosh start up pc hit del key enter bios first thing is restore defaults then change IDE to ACHI disable VT under the cpu settings save and reboot now press F7 select usb to boot from once you get to yosemite zone start menu type -v then hit enter you will see lots of script running all being well you should get to the installer screen once there select disk utillitys from the menu in the top bar once open select your hard drive in the left column select partition then click on current select 1 partition on right change it from ntfs or fat 32 to mac OS X extended journaled name the disk anything you like hit apply exit disk utilities click continue follow the on screen instructions to install should take around 15- 20 mins to complete once you have gone through all the set up process e.g account set up once you get to the desk top do nothing until you see a message appear in the top right where the red apple is saying that the kexts install complete job done please note I'm a noob round here this worked for me with my set up i am using it now to do this write up may have been pure luck that it was more or less trouble free instal i like to think it was the excellent work done by all who made the distro so good luck to anyone who trys to do this on these mobos thanks i hope this is of some help to someone RE