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  1. Usb wifi not working

    Still nothing with the D-Link, it's not even recognized
  2. Usb wifi not working

    Got some news, now 5 minutes after i login the asus is loaded into the network tab, however it says "self assigned ip". If i manually input ip address and subnet mask in the network tab the Yellow dot becomes green and says "connected" but i still have no connection. I tried to use the wireless utility, i'm able to add a profile of my network but it doesn't connect and often gets stuck. It's a never ending story man (This afternoon i'll try your drivers for D-Link, thanks )
  3. Usb wifi not working

    yes i did, still not working. On the network tab appears the voice ASUS wl167g-v3 but when i connect the stick to the usb nothing happens, still telling me that it's not connected (don't worry )
  4. Usb wifi not working

    Hi everybody, i've installed niresh's mavericks on my desktop ( i3-920 4gb ram ati 5750) but i have a lot of problems with wi-fi. I've tried these 3 usb dongles : - asus wl167g-v3 (mac compatible as it says on the box) - d-link dwa-140 -sitecom wla-2000 v1 Even installing the drivers with the cd they gave me with the asus, my pc recognizes the sticks in system info but into the network tabs in system preferences it says "asus wl-167g v3 (or the name of the other dongles) is not connected or the device is not responding". I've tried every kexts, drivers of the chipsets but nothing is working. The wireless utility app tries to open but stucks on the dock. Please help me guys thanks