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  1. Hi Guys, Need your help. I've installed Niresh Hackintosh in my system. It got stuck because of Nvidia driver issue, so I customized the installation by checking the option "move nvidia drivers". Now it is installed but without display drivers. Monitor resolution is 1024x768 with unknown display. Gooled it and nvidia has reliased official drivers for it but it gives another error "nvidia driver is not compatible web installer". Some guys have resolved it buy using below commands/boot flags. But I have no idea where to apply them or when to apply them. nv_disable=1 nvda_enable=1 graphicsenabler=1 Will appreciate your help...
  2. Hi Guys, I'm Stuck on Hackintosh Logo(I think its called PCI Configuration Phase) after 1st phase of installation. Re installed it with ncpi=2000 & ncpi=3000 after been through Instructions. Still stuck here. And read some other instructions too but couldn't figure out where to apply them(Super Noob) e.g. Use -s (Single User Mode), I mean where & When? I am patient and can install it many times for successful Hackintosh. If any Hackintosh Staff here reading this, Please upload a video with full instruction which will help so many noobs out there wanting to run OSX. Thanks in advance.....