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  1. Scorpion deluxe PCI HDD

    Hi All, Since a month or more i'm reading a lot about Hackintosh on different websites and as a mickysoft lover , i must admit that i want to test it out . So I started to look for feedback on my current hardware and I think it should work . But 1 piece is never mentionned my PCI-e SSD.... this is my setup : MSI Gaming 7 X99 MB with intel I7 5820k cpu 16gb Ram DDR4 hyperx GTX970 gaming 4 MSI 2* HDD western digital Black in raid 0 and my os drive is : Mushkin scorpion deluxe 240gb PCI-e ssd I was wondering if some of you guys also have this PCI-e hdd and if this is working or not ....