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  1. I have already replied before, but here it is again: I got a new pen drive and put the iso file in it via transmac. I formatted the partition i was about to install mac into once again. I rebooted via the new pendrive and everything just worked. I didnt hope for it to work. Just gave it a last resort attempt. I still do not know for sure that the old pen drive was the issue.... You too can try doing the same.
  2. 1. Get a bootable yosemite drive (followed hackintosh instructions) 2. Booted from it and chose a new partition that i created 3. Boot flags: None! 4. Customization: SMBios as macbook pro 8,1 5. Network, battery kexts from here: 6. Touchpad kexts from here: NOT Working: 1. USB 3.0 - Doesnt matter for me since I run Mac OS X from an external hard drive which i plug into the usb 3.0 port. Existing solutions (from and other websites) do not seem to work. But still seeking solutions. 2. HDMI Audio - Tried existing solutions. Did not work. Tired of searching for solutions. Still seeking solutions.
  3. So guys, the issue was with the installer hard disk (and/or the target hard disk partition)!! Typing this from a (almost) fully working yosemite hackintosh!!! Thanks a lot to nourish and other developers who created this distort - it worked like magic p.s. strangely, i didn't have to change any customization options except check SMBIOS as macbook pro 8.1... I didn't use any extra bootflags!! So, hackintosh yosemite works peacefully on acer aspire 5750! p.p.s: how do i enable the cool touchpad gestures of a mac?
  4. Are you sure that there is no other error in the log file (i do not understand what is logged in there)?
  5. i don't wish to format the hard drive entirely as i have important data in it. Right now, I am creating a new partition in it and then attempting to install mac on it. I checked for bad sectors using the 'aoemi partition wizard' software and it said that the hard disk was ok.
  6. Hi, So after spending 10 days in succession trying to (unsuccessfully alas!) install yosemite and not finding satisfactory help on other topics, I finally am going to start a new topic. My PC configuration: Acer Aspire 5750 Intel i3-2310 M Sandybridge processor @ 2.1 GHz 6 GB RAM Intel HD 3000 Graphics InsydeHD motherboard v1.21 (downloaded from acer official website) So, I read through Mac Breaker's acticle and many of the articles in tonymacos86 website, for boot flags support, and I have the following error: No matter what combination of bootflags I use, the installer says 'Cannot install Mac OS X because 'xxxxxx.pkg' could not be installed. Here is the main problem because of that: when i reboot, I do not see the mac OS X partition while booting from the USB installer!! Hence, cannot use multibeast or any other tool. I thought that if i could at least boot into the partition, I could use MultiBeast or some other tool to install the required kexts, but alas - I am helpless!!! In the period of 10 days - I was able to successfully install Yosemite 2 times but each time something or the other was not working (Audio or network or graphics, etc.). While I was trying to fix them using Multibeast, I encountered kernel panics and hence sought to re-install again. While installing, I ensured that I opened terminal and checked the installer for errors using the command: '/sbin/fsck -fy' and then '/sbin/mount -uw /' to check the root partition of the installer and then mount it as read-write. I also 'erased' the partition (on which I am going to install Mac OS X) multiple times using various security levels... but in vain.... I am attaching 3 installer logs - each with a minor change in install flags...Installer Log 01-25-15.txt, Installer Log 01-25-15-Second.txt and Installer Log 01-25-15-thirdtry-new-partition.txt... I also got a DSDT.aml from a website for my same motherboard (the first installation used the motherboard's default SSDT tables, for the second and third attempt I used the DropSSDT=Yes and DSDT=/Extra/DSDT.aml flags - i coped the DSDT.aml to the installer's folder using TransMac but still no change in results) My bootflags: The IGPPlatformID is from tonymacosx86's website for intel hd 3000 graphics.I tried with and without PCIRootUID with no change '-v -f ForceHPET=Yes IGPPlatformID=00301000 ahcidisk=1 debug=8 -force64 GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 EnableDualLink=No GeneratePStates=False GenerateCStates=False DSDT=/Extra/DSDT.aml DropSSDT=Yes maxmem=4096' I installed with SMBIOS of Macbook Pro 8.1 since it too uses intel hd 3000... As you can see, I tried all possible boot flags but still unable to boot from OS X itself - Cannot see installed partition. My error (figured it out from installer log): If you go down to the post-install period, you will see that the installer attempts to install the boot loader. Then all of a sudden - it says I had become tired and named the supposed boot partition to 'Will-It-Work'.... After the partition is unmounted - the installer tries to access it - which results in the error. No matter which packages I disable during the customization, I get an error saying '<insert-some-other-package-name> could not be installed on your computer' @ or @Anyone: Any help???? Great job creating this distro!! I never knew until I came across this website that you could install mac os on windows... But, I think I am missing something.. Can you help me?