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  1. Hello, I have Kernel Panic when I use USB devices : DVD drive, USB drive, .... Do you have any idea ? (Yosemite Zone 10.10.1)
  2. Hello, I have just installed yosemite zone 10.10.1 on my desktop PC : Asus P8b75-m motherboard Intel i5 3.10 Ghz 8 Go old Nvidia pci-e 256 Mb (because I can't use the integrated Intel HD on the motherboard, after installation, the screen is frozen and unreadable) So after installation, without playing with the customization button during install, all is starting ok. I have rebooted several times, all was ok. But, in order to get iMessages working, I have launched Chameleon Wizard, checked "Builtin Ethernet", click Save, then after reboot after the yosemite zone loading screen, the scree goes to sleep, and it's all ! Si I have rebooted on the USB Install Stick, deleted the 2 lines for Ethernet Builtin in /Extra/org.chameleon.... file .. But still the same ... Do you have any idea ? Thanks a lot !!