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  1. I am having an issue where a vanilla installation of 10.10 won't boot and halts on appleintelcpumanagement and it gives me a warning about HPETs. I have enabled force HPET and it used to work in 10.8.5. Does one need a DSDT to have chameleon boot the system? I can't use chameleon to extract a DSDT when booting with MacPwn. I have read people have trouble with LGA 775 processors. Q9550 Xeon Quadro FX 4800 GA-EP45-DS3R Kext used are for NULLCPUPOWER and FAKESMC as well as LNX2MAC realtek drivers, What is the major difference between MacPwn and Chameleon? I don't have mach_kernel set in chameleon and I feel I may just be missing something new with yosemite config. Any help is majorly appreciated. I am up and running but I would love to use chameleon to boot!