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  1. I've been trying to get Yosemite on my new PC, and I've been having some issues booting into the installer. When I press enter, it loads for a few seconds, and then the computer just reboots. When I turn on verbose mode, the text scrolling is too fast to see. (I'll try and record it at 120fps and play it back frame by frame later to see the last frame if needed). I can see that HFS+ files are being loaded, and then a few seconds later, the screen just goes black, and the computer reboots. I've tried to use flags like PCIRootID=0 and ncpi=0x3000/0x2000 as apprently this might be an issues with my graphics card, but none of them seem to do anything. Does anybody know how to fix this, or what's going on? If it helps, my specs are as follows: i7 4790k MSI Z97-G45 motherboard XFX R9 280x