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  1. Hello guys , i've install a yosemite niresh 10.10.1 to my laptop acer espire e1-471 intel core i3-2348 ram 4gb and i try to update to yosemite 10.10.2 ,i download from apple web,not mac appstore after installing for about 5 minutes,it reboot and show the error "system uptime in nano seconds 1217255383" i try some bootflag but it still wont boot please help ,thanks
  2. Ethernet doesnt work at all

    Hello guys i have installed yosemite on my laptop (acer aspire e1-471) ram 4gb,intel core i3 and realtek pci gbe family network adapter i really stuck when i plugged in ethernet cable into my laptop but it still doesnt give me an internet connection i've installed some ethernet package such as aio network solution,realtek pci gbe family network adapter,etc but it still doesnt work and on the system report i see on ethernet card tab "this laptop doesnt contain any PCIe card" or something like that.and on pci card tab it show the same message i will attach a screenschoot on a comment if needed please help and suggest ,i will really appreciate it thanks
  3. Graphic Problem after restart

    oke thank bud
  4. hey guys ,i have succesfully installing hackintosh zone yosemite in my laptop : acer aspire e1-471 ram 4gb,processor intel® core 13 2348M,intel hd graphic 3000. everything going fine , from the first time i boot and log on to yosemite , but my problem is after i restart and back to yosemite the graphic didnt work ,and like without the vga driver . and after i restart again , it still like this . i really confused ,and try to setting the chameleon boot wizard , but i stuck please suggest and help . thanks