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  1. Intel HD 3000 Mobile doesn't work

    Well, thank you, as i said i don't think it's gonna work ever so i gave up for now, if I ever find a fix, i'll say, if someone else suggests something i could try it, but it's like mission impossible...
  2. Intel HD 3000 Mobile doesn't work

    Yes, i said i tried it in my latest post. (but in the multibeast patch is said that it works with 7-series chipset for SandyBridge) I even tried with similar guide to yours. (with the bootflags IGPEnabler=Yes, IGPlatformID=00010000 IGPDeviceID=0116 GraphicsEnabler=No) The stupid video card still doesn't work .... and i don't think it will ever work ... I've read a lot of posts from people who have the same video card (but with different chipset) they don't have problems so i think the problem might be in the chipset.
  3. Intel HD 3000 Mobile doesn't work

    Yes, i tried, Clover, Chimera, Chameleon, but none of these worked. Also the kexts from the site, and many others, but no effect. With some kexts the OS even boots with black screen (even when i install it, so i should backup the graphics kexts)
  4. Hello everybody, i'm a newbie in Hackintosh systems and my problem is that since a week i'm trying to get this video card to work, i've tried everything i found in the internet, a lot ot kexts, tools etc. I've tried even several boot flags, different bootloader, but still no success. I even decided to try with older versions (Mavericks, Mountain Lion) but even with them .... no chance to get this video card to run normally. My configuration is : Laptop ASUS N75SF Intel Sandy Bridge i7 2670QM Intel H65 Chipset Video: Intel HD3000 Mobile / nVidia GT555M RAM 8GB, I'm getting totally crazy with this situation and i don't know what else to do... If I am missing something, please ask.