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  1. Hello, I have tried to install Yosemite Zone into VMWARE. I have used the VMware unlocker. I then select the iso i want to use (yosemite zone) and start the machine. After the VMware sign disappears I am left with the apple symbol. This reaches about 50% of the way across and stops. If i do the same in virtualbox, I dont even see that apple symbol, i see the hackingtosh zone sysmbol (red apple) and after a while it gets into the install area. I proceed and eventually I get to the usual 2 minutes "stuck" and then thats it. I would like to use the VMware version if possible, so what is going wrong there? I had to create the config.ini for the virtual machine but only put in the single SMC = 0 line to get past that error Any help would be much appreciated Ta B