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  1. So, using the above advice, I got into Yosemite, the install finished, I installed NVIDIA drivers and rebooted. Now it says a box about how I shutdown because of a problem and it can open my apps again, but it just sits there with a spinny wheel. I can't get past it. What do I do here? REALLY confused... I can't use Chameleon to boot either because it says it can't find /System/Library/Kernels/kernel to boot my system. I tried typing mach_kernel etc etc and nothing works, so I believe I'm stuck with Clover.
  2. This place is just mighty dead isn't it? Am I to believe there is just absolutely nothing that can be done and I'm basically screwed? Jeez. I've gone through the installation 10 times now at least. All I end up with is boot0ss: Error and when I boot from the Yosemite-Zone drive, I select my drive with OSX on it and I get that it can't find the kernel. Nothing? Nobody? No help? I've found 4+ topics on this with NO replies at all...
  3. How can update mavericks?

    I just tried this but the update says "OS X Update can't be installed on this disk. This volume does not meet the requirements for this update." I tried selecting the drive Mavericks was installed on, am I missing something here? Edit- You did not link to the combo update ->
  4. So I've been fighting this for awhile, and I've had really really really weird outcomes.. So first time installing, had to install with /amd -v npci=x2000 to make the installer even work. Rebooted, got a boot0ss: Error - Okay whatever. Reinstall time Second time installing, same arguments, switched bootloaders to the other one with UEFI and rebooted. Got to try booting into OSX! Had to do the backup of the kexts for the graphics and tada I was at my desktop, with no mouse at all. Crap. The mouse would be literally shut off right after selection of OSX to boot. Fine, install again, back to original bootloader. We have boot! Except, I forgot to specify npci=x2000 again and so it hung. I reboot with the reset switch and then it won't boot anymore because it can't find the kernel. Where am I going wrong here? I've followed all the guides? When I had no mouse I had keyboard, but I got to the part of the initial setup after creating the user to tell it if I want to send reports to Apple, and I can't get past that because Tab won't move me off the checkbox anymore there. I also know I have no networking because it couldn't grab a DHCP address... I'm kind of ripping my hair out? I'm trying on a single hard drive for a quick and dirty setup so I can at least know how to get it functioning ONCE. What should I do or try? I was browsing newegg for a new motherboard and processor and thinking of just jumping ship to Intel, but I can't find a motherboard with as many USB ports as this one has... I don't want to downgrade considering I just built this machine. I hope I'm not just screwed for loading up OSX... it works great in vmware haha