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  1. Install Lock-Up - Bluetooth Issue?

    You need boot again from pendrive and chose your partition where you install mavericks ... In my case I instal boot loader and everything is good to me ..
  2. Install Lock-Up - Bluetooth Issue?

    If you have that error try to redownload .dmg file I have that same error and now working when I download again. Try It.... good luck
  3. Install Lock-Up - Bluetooth Issue?

    I'm redownload the .dmg and perfect working that disrto is speed !!! thanks Niresh !!
  4. Install Lock-Up - Bluetooth Issue?

    Ok thanks guys I'll try
  5. Install Lock-Up - Bluetooth Issue?

    I have same problem.. I'm get stuck in this line too, and I try type cpus=1 and nothing happens it's stuck just like last time ....any idea how to solve this problem ??Maybe is the partition on disc form windows ... I do not know ... I dont any problem to install ml 10.8.2 My Spec:Gigabyte GA-PH67-DS-B3Intel Core i7-26008 GB DDR MEMGigabyte HD6850 1024 MB2 x HDD Segate 1 TBOS WIN 8.1 and OS X ML 10.8.2 Niresh