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  1. graphics problem has been detected

    That i was facing in maveriks as well, maybe it's because there is no proper description avaible to program in os as in about mac also it shows unknown 4.01 Ghz processor both maveriks and yostemite. Any way i can put proper descriptions about processor maybe intels information, so program may work.
  2. graphics problem has been detected

    Hi I fixed this problem with this new kernel and kext in comments on this page, my config, Amd fx8350, crosshairVformula-z ,Gtx 660 ti. I have another problem if you guys can help, I use animation software like silhouette and nuke but they won't open, in terminal they show error ssse3 required but fx 8350 is capable of all instruction sets, is it beacause of the kernel or is there any solution to this.