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  1. Hi, I have successfully installed 10.9.0 and then update it to 10.9.5 on my Lenovo G550 notebook and it is working like a charm. core 2 duo g210 nevidia 512mb 120 SSD 1 T HHD ( in caddy ) DriverES WORK 98% . Wireless = NO , i have the intel 5100Agn card so there is no driver . Sleep mod = No . Build in wifi card isn't working for it is Intel and therefore I use a Tp link wn725n Wifi USB adapter. Driver is ( 3in1_Wlan_11n_USB_MacOS10.9_Driver_83.28.08_UI_2.0.2 ) Problem is that every time after 30-45 minutes my notebook freezes. IF I USE THE ETHER LAN CONNECTION THERE IS NO FREEZES THER IS NO PROBLEM I TESTED TO OPEAN ALL FILE DRIVER SAFARI DOWNLOAD WITH LAN AT THE SAME TIME IT'S SO FAST AND SO GOOD NOTEBOOK I KNOW ITS OLD LAPTOB G550 BUT WITH MAVERICKS ITS SO COOL .... I DONT KNOW WHERE IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS WIRELESS UTILITY TO TERUN ON THE WIFI ADAPTOR ON, ITS WORK BUT NOT WELL !! IT WILL KILL MY LAPTOP WITH HER FREEZING CUZ I MUST TO TERUN OFF IT AND THEN TERUN ON WITH THE BUTTEN .... SOME ONE CAN HELP ME ?! and can some one tell me if there is CARD CAN I PUT into my lenovo cuz there is lci mini problem with my laptop .. ( IBM ) non accept all of Wifi Card thx a lot